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How To Win the Buy Box on Amazon

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon's "buy box" is the section on an Amazon product detail page where customers can see the top seller of a product. It's also the default place from which Amazon will ship an item if multiple sellers are offering it. Therefore, getting your products into the buy box is essential to driving sales on Amazon.

Only one seller can get the top listing in the buy box at any given time, and this is determined by a number of factors including price, availability, and customer satisfaction. Sellers that are featured in the buy box are considered to be trusted by Amazon and by extension, customers. These sellers have credibility as they have proven themselves to be reliable and have provided customers with a positive experience in the past.

Becoming successful on Amazon can be bewildering to many resellers. Below, we discuss three factors that impact whether you will be listed in the buy box on Amazon for the product you're selling.

Have the Lowest Price

It would help if you offered the lowest price to win the buy box on Amazon. Doing so seems like a no-brainer, however, many sellers are surprised how many people don't think about this.

When Amazon customers search for a product, they look for the best deal. Therefore, if your product sells for a comparable price to other sellers, they will likely choose the seller with the lowest price.

Of course, offering the lowest price is only sometimes possible or practical. But if you can swing it, do it. You'll be happy you did when you see your product flying off the shelves.

Potential customers who see your product in the buy box are much more likely to purchase it than those who don't. But of those who do purchase a product from the buy box, nearly 60% will choose the cheapest option available.

Not only is offering a low price important, but you also need to offer good value for the price. Customers on Amazon are price-sensitive, so it is essential to strike the right balance between low prices and high quality.

Have the Fastest Shipping Time

When customers shop on Amazon, they want to know they can get their hands on the products they want as quickly as possible. Therefore, offering the fastest shipping time is one way to win the buy box on Amazon.

We recommend using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This program allows you to store your products in Amazon's warehouses and fulfill orders directly through them. Thus, it is a massive timesaver since you don't have to pack and ship packages yourself.

Amazon resellers should also offer expedited shipping options. If you don't use FBA, you can still provide faster shipping options like UPS Next Day Air or FedEx 2-Day Shipping. These will cost more, but they'll get your products to customers faster.

Make sure your listings are up-to-date. One of the biggest causes of delays is inaccurate listing information. Ensure that your product descriptions, photos, and other information are all accurate and up-to-date so that everything runs smoothly when an order comes in.

If you can offer the fastest shipping time without sacrificing quality or customer service, you'll be well on your way to winning the buy box on Amazon.

Have the Best Feedback

As a certified reseller, it is imperative to understand the significance of good Amazon customer feedback. Customer feedback is one of Amazon's most important factors in determining which products to feature in the buy box.

Therefore, you must ensure your brand offers excellent customer service. This deed is among the most critical things you can do to ensure positive feedback. Be responsive to customer inquiries and complaints, and go above and beyond to solve problems.

Also, try to make it easy for customers to leave comments. Include information about how to leave feedback in your packaging, and make it easy for customers to find your contact information if they need to get in touch with you.

Wholesale distributors must also encourage customers to leave feedback. Try offering incentives like discounts or coupons for those who leave feedback. Just be sure not to offer anything that would violate Amazon's policies.

Following the above steps can increase your chances of competing for the buy box and increase your sales on Amazon.

How Our Automated Amazon Agency Helps

Our Amazon automation company can help you set up and manage your own Amazon store, which can generate passive income for you 24/7. With a team of experts handling the day-to-day operations, you can focus on other areas of your business or enjoy your free time while your store brings in sales.

In today's world, having multiple income streams is more important than ever. By diversifying your income sources, you can protect yourself from economic downturns and ensure that you always have money coming in. Amazon automation is a great way to generate passive income and weather any storm.

Our Amazon automation company can help you optimize your store listings. They can research keywords for your product listings and ensure that they are accurate and complete.

Creating optimized store listings can be time-consuming and complex. Our automation company can take care of this so that you can focus on other parts of your business.

Contact us today if you want to hear more about how our Amazon automation company helps you open a wholesale account. Our talented team is happy to discuss our services and answer any questions you may have about getting on the buy box on Amazon.


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