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Best Amazon Seller Tools in 2022

To be a high-level Amazon FBA earner, you must learn to use the various Amazon elements to your advantage. Elements like product listing, product sourcing, advertising, shipping, review etc., contribute in no small measure to helping you build an Amazon store. There are hundreds of tools out there. And you must have heard or even used some of them. Still, only a few of these tools prove to be efficient.

1. Jungle Scout

It is not surprising that Jungle Scout tops the list. Over the years, this tool keeps evolving. It has developed from solely a product research tool to a full-fledged seller tool. Jungle Scout enjoys massive usage as a multipurpose tool. After preliminary research on the best product to sell, Jungle Scout allows you to manage inventory, send product review requests and analyze sales.

Jungle Scout's top features include Supplier Database and Promotions. While Jungle Scout Promotions lets you enjoy promotional campaigns on your products, the Supplier Database gives insights into the most desirable product supplier. To help Amazon FBA sellers in choosing the most profitable product, Jungle Scout features an Opportunity Score. Getting low-competition and high-demand products has never been easier.

2. Alibaba

Popularly called the Amazon of China, Alibaba is home to the most reliable manufacturers across the globe. After using the Jungle Scout tool to discover the best products to market on Amazon, the next step is to source the product.

With Alibaba, you need not be scared that your manufacturer or supplier will deliver substandard products. The platform is an ocean of excellent and trusted manufacturers who have submitted themselves to vetting and verification by the Alibaba team. There's no third-party intrusion. You and the manufacturers would be in direct contact with each other.

3. AMZ Finder

FBA Amazon businesses thrive on reviews. Once you have met customers' demands, the next line of action is ensuring they leave a positive review.

The Amazon algorithm is impressed with Amazon businesses with many reviews. And it rewards its customer-satisfaction efforts by promoting its page to potential customers. Besides product listing optimization, buyers on Amazon are easily convinced by previous feedback to get their items from you. Really, no one would want to try out a seller with no reviews on his page.

AMZ Finder is your go-to tool to request customer reviews through automated emails. You will enjoy up to 500 free emails monthly. Amazing, right? And there are also paid plans if your needs surpass the free plan.

4. is the cheat to winning the Amazon Buy Box. Let's get into the details of how this tool works. As the name implies, this tool is a repricer. It capitalizes on rival Amazon FBA sellers running out of stock or offering a discount. Should any of the two scenarios occur, Repricer sets to work and helps you win the Amazon Buy Box. With a 14-day free trial, Repricer lets you optimize your prices on Amazon and other eCommerce stores.

5. SellerApp

SellerApp provides all the essentials an FBA Amazon business needs to survive on Amazon. Apart from product listing optimization, there's the Profit Dashboard which is a predictive tool for sales trends. The tool also shows the best-performing products from time to time. SellerApp's Business Alert allows you to monitor your Amazon Business in real-time.

Final Thoughts

With Amazon seller tools, you don't have to worry about being a newbie or an inexperienced Amazon FBA seller. Once you have learned how to use these tools effectively, you can optimize your business and build a loyal customer base.

Experienced Amazon FBA sellers are not exempted. Identify what your Amazon business is in dire need of at the moment and choose a suitable tool accordingly.


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