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5 Steps to Rank on Page 1 of Amazon

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Do you ever wonder why brands are desperate to make the first page on Amazon? Between May 2021 to April 2022, Amazon recorded 15.8 billion desktop site visits. And as if that's not enough, Amazon visitors are more likely to make purchases on their first visit. This is unlike other E-commerce stores where customers postpone their purchases to a later date. So, you'd be right to suggest that many Amazon FBA store visitors are impulse buyers.

On top of the above facts, 80% of Amazon sales happen on the first page. And an Amazon seller would be missing out on Amazon’s largesse if buyers cannot find your products on the first page. This article provides insights on how to rank on Amazon page 1. Pay close attention to the points below and learn how to build an Amazon store.

STEP 1: Positive Reviews Means More Conversions

Before becoming an Amazon FBA seller, you must have made purchases online. How did you ascertain that your item was exactly as described? A vendor can put his products up for sale online even if such products are defective. And no one wants to see their hard-earned money vanish into thin air by purchasing substandard products.

The same scenario applies when you are starting an Amazon business. Prospective buyers want to be convinced that you've satisfied previous clients. They want to know the standard of your products before purchasing them. To this end, many clients rely on comments from previous customers.

Here's a vital piece of information about Amazon customer reviews you should know. The more positive reviews you get, the greater the chances of converting new leads to sales. And the more sales you make, the greater the confidence Amazon has in you. Consistent conversions and positive feedbacks are irresistible for Amazon's algorithm. Getting reviews should be prioritized when starting an Amazon business.

In short, your Amazon FBA store gets promoted over time. And you'd be on Amazon's first page in no distant time. You just got to keep up with the consistency.

STEP 2: Create Engaging Video Content

If you are looking to become a success on Amazon, creating beautiful pictures for your listings is a trick you can't afford to overlook as an Amazon seller. But what if there was a better way to make your products more attractive and sustain clients' attention? The answer lies in creating amazing videos for your products.

Ok, you are probably confused at this point. This article focuses on how to rank your FBA Amazon Business on page 1, right? Relax, dear friend. You will get to see the nexus between creating videos for your products and ranking on Amazon's first page.

To be on page 1 means you have satisfied the Amazon algorithm. When you create nice videos for your products, customers tend to spend more time on your page. The videos are engaging, and they want to see what you've got in stock for them. More visiting time on your page suggests to the algorithm that your Amazon FBA store is providing value to customers.

In other cases, videos convince clients that your product is worth a try. They can't help but place an order immediately. You can create unboxing videos of your products, explainer videos, product reviews or clients' reviews.

It's okay not to have impressive video-creation or editing skills as an Amazon FBA seller. You can hire a freelancer for a few bucks. Rest assured that it is a worthy investment you'd reap from in the long run.

STEP 3: Generate External Traffic to your Amazon page

As an Amazon FBA seller, convincing Amazon that you have satisfied many customers is not a piece of cake. If you want to make more sales, it’d be foolhardy to rely only on customers that already use Amazon. You’ve got to take the battle outside of the Amazon space.

According to Statista, 5 billion of the world's population will use the internet in 2022, of which 4.65 billion have social media accounts. Accordingly, you should know that there's a bigger catch out there.

It suffices to add that generating external traffic to your Amazon page is not a quick fix to rank on page 1. You've got to be diligent and patient. You can spend so much running ads on social media platforms with little or no luck in a short while. External traffic brings greater conversions in the long run.

Marketing your products on other platforms apart from Amazon can take different forms. You could inform your website visitors of new listings on your Amazon FBA store. Shopify done for you services are helpful in creating a working business website.

Nowadays, we’ve got tons of content creators that can help generate traffic to your Amazon page. You can also help potential customers stay updated about your offerings through E-mails.

The more audience you can reach, the greater your traffic. Greater traffic means better conversions. And an impressive volume of conversions signals to Amazon that you deserve a spot on page 1.

STEP 4: Competitive Pricing

Everyone loves to get quality products at a relatively cheaper price. But eyeing Amazon page 1 doesn't mean you should ridiculously price your products.

You don’t want to price your products far lesser than other sellers. This might spook customers that your products are inferior or you are desperate to make sales. Setting your price at a slightly cheaper rate does the trick.

If you can't reduce your product price, you should entice customers with other benefits to compete effectively with rivals. Free shipping and discounts on bulk purchases are perks that attract more customers.

STEP 5: Optimize Your Amazon Page and Product Listing

Keyword optimization can also give your FBA Amazon Business a competitive advantage. Check out Amazon page 1 for E-commerce stores offering similar products as you do. Extract the most dominant keywords and work around them to optimize your own page.

When you optimize your page, Amazon promotes your products to a larger audience. And you get the chance to make more conversions. You should definitely be wary of keyword stuffing. Using too many keywords disrupts the Amazon algorithm.

The Bottom Line

Ranking on Amazon page 1 guarantees massive returns. But relying solely on the platform to stack up some money would be unwise.

Ensure that you've got a personal website where customers can buy and learn more about your products. Not to worry if you have no clue how to create a website. Shopify and WooCommerce make things easy. With Shopify done for you services, you can create your desired E-commerce store part from Amazon FBA store.

Moreover, you should price your items competitively, ship them quickly, and provide excellent customer service. This proves to be an excellent method for building an Amazon store.

It will also help if you ask for reviews, handle negative ones politely, offer free shipping and other perks, and maximize the Amazon FBA program. To get more time to concentrate on other aspects of your FBA Amazon Business, you can adopt Amazon done for you services. Such programs let you enjoy a fully automated delivery process.


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