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5 Strategies to Get More Reviews on Amazon

Until recently, selling products to people used to be easy. You could make a fortune with a good marketing team and solid advertising. In the information age, however, it is increasingly difficult to deceive or hoodwink people into buying your products. The masses are now smarter. You can't survive as an Amazon FBA seller if customers don't trust you.

Therefore, the question is, how do you convince prospective clients that your products are the best they can find around? Why should clients trust your services when this is your first contact? 7 letters come to mind – REVIEWS.

Reviews are basically online words of mouth. If your pal once used a product and they recommended it to you, the chances are that you'd take their word for it. We all love to shy away from the fact that others influence us. But the truth is that humans are naturally wired that way. We rely on the experiences of others to make personal decisions. And every smart Amazon FBA seller ought to exploit this reality.

To convince more customers and make more profits in your FBA Amazon Business, reviews are helpful, especially positive ones. We love to see you earn more than other sellers, so we’ve come up with the best strategies to get more reviews on Amazon.

Seek Reviews From Customers After They Make Purchases

A reliable way to get genuine reviews is to ask customers that recently purchased your products for feedback. Sometimes, Amazon FBA sellers could be discouraged from seeking reviews from customers. The concern is usually that you might be bugging the client, and asking for reviews sounds unprofessional in some instances.

Seeking feedback from customers has a strategy to it. You can send customers an email after they have bought your products. And it is even better if you can ascertain that they've used the product.

Timing is essential when asking customers for feedback. Keep track of when they purchased your product and send a message or email to them as you can. The best reactions are gotten when the client has just used your product. Likewise, it is best that you request feedback from only customers you are sure enjoyed the best customer care from you. This underscores why you must exceed customers' expectations at all times. You should also ensure that you don't request customer reviews when they are busy. Let them give honest feedback in their leisure time.

For efficiency and to save time, several companies offer Amazon done-for-you services. These programs are automated. You can send emails to targeted customers for reviews at affordable rates.

Enroll your product in the Amazon Vine Program

Gaining momentum as a new seller on Amazon can be difficult, especially when you have no reviews. Even if you've got amazing products, customers will look the other way and rather patronize sellers with more reviews.

Before 2016, Amazon had a review structure that excited new sellers. You could request reviews from a third party. The only sacrifice required from your end is to give some of your products to the reviewers. When Amazon stopped this review system, many sellers were unhappy. Thankfully, an improved system similar to the structure is now in place.

The Amazon Vine is available to first-party and third-party sellers. Specially designed for sellers with less than 30 reviews, Amazon Vine requires that you submit 30 units of your products. These products are given to persons who will test and give feedback on the product.

To register for Amazon Vine, go to "Seller Central" and click 'Vine" on the advertising tab. Of course, you must have already launched your product before you can use Amazon Vine. So, you can now select the "Enroll in Amazon Vine" button. Enter your ASIN and click "Begin Enrollment.

Maintain Loyal Customers By Providing Excellent Services

Making profit is cool. It is a measure that your business is doing well. Nonetheless, as an entrepreneur, your focus should be on the bigger picture. You will lose a lot of money in the long run if your customers are unsatisfied with your products and services.

After making deliveries to your customers, schedule a follow-up. Apart from getting to know if the products serve their needs, ask them about the delivery process. Was it timely and seamless? Or were they frustrated during the process?

When you reach out to customers in such a manner, it shows that you care about them and not just the money. The customers are sure to return the favor by giving a review.

Sometimes feedback may be bad. In such cases, you have to rise to the occasion. If the negative review is not about a defective product but a problematic delivery process, you can salvage the situation. Offer to help such customers out, and they might give a positive review of how helpful you were.

Use Your Own Marketing Channels

In business, necessity is the mother of innovation. You can't stick to the norm and expect a different result. Away from the conventional methods of getting reviews are newsletters. You probably send emails to your customers, giving updates about your products and discounts. But what if you could create special emails to get reviews from your customers?

You might not reap abundantly at first if you are looking to get reviews from personalized emails. But you have the advantage of time. And you’ll also know your most loyal customers.

Collaborating with some specialists on their Amazon done-for-you services grants you access to some automation technologies.

Discounts, Coupons And Special Promotions

Offering discounts and coupons is a proven strategy to get more customer reviews. When you get discounts on products, how do you feel? Elated right? We all love getting products that let us keep extra bucks in our purses.

When you offer discounts on your products, customers’ oxytocin level rises, and they are more willing to leave a positive review.

Bonus: How to Monitor Your Amazon Feedback

Tracking your reviews on Amazon is an activity you should take seriously. If your reviews are down, you probably need to intensify your efforts.

Click "Feedback Manager" to monitor your reviews on your Seller Central Account. The feature lets you see the progress made in feedback over 30 days, 90 days and even 365 days. The "Recent Feedback" option is also available to check the latest reviews.


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