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Now that we're moving forward, it's time to register for your Amazon seller account.

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Visit ""

Congratulations on getting started!

To begin Step 1,,click here to become an Amazon seller.


Click "Sign up"

You've got options here. Click either of the "sign up" buttons to get started with your seller account creation process.

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Enter the details associated with your business information

When it comes to Amazon seller plans, you have two options: business or individual.

The answer depends on whether or not you have filed your business, or if you plan on doing so in the future. Although not required, there are additional benefits when registering your seller account as a business.

If you have already filed your business, sign up as a professional account and enter your information.


If you haven't, sign up as an individual. You can change this later with little to no difficulty. Then, whenever you're ready, click here to easily file your business online.


Enter your personal seller information

Once you’ve chosen the seller plan that is right for you, the next step is to enter in your name, personal address, and verification information for Amazon to know the person behind the seller account that is being created.


This section doesn't take long. Moving on!

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Enter your billing and payment information

Amazon's seller fees are just $39.99 per month, which will be deducted from the information you provide in this section. That's little overhead when you consider the fact you're getting a potentially international storefront at this little of a cost. 

This section will also be used to enter your bank details, which will be the designated bank account that Amazon will use for your future payouts.

*Important: If you decide to change your bank account in the future, Amazon may submit your seller account for re-verification.


Enter your store and product information

If you have a filed company, enter your store name you wish to use for your Amazon account. This can match your business formation documents, or you can get creative.


If you're an individual, select a store name you would put on your company filing in the future. You can change your store name later with little to no difficulty.

Regarding UPC codes, if you are launching your account with an established inventory, click yes. If not, click no.

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Schedule a video call with Amazon for quick and easy verification

The "hard part" is done and you're all set! All that's left is to verify yourself with a member from the Amazon team.

Congratulations! You have officially began the process of launching your business on the largest eCommerce platform in the world with millions of buyers ready to buy from your store. Not too bad, right?

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