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10 Reasons to Hire An Amazon Marketing Agency

Are you looking to expand your business beyond the traditional brick and wall shops?

Kudos to you! You are taking a profitable step by opting for an Amazon FBA store. The world is fast-moving, and more people now rely on online businesses to meet their needs.

However, your excitement may be cut short despite the massive benefits you can reap on Amazon. Amazon is not your regular eCommerce platform. It is a different kind of beast. If you don't know your winning strategies, the chances are that you will make little or no sales on Amazon.

To minimize risk and maximize profits, you need capable hands. There are agencies set up just for people like you. Their job is to take your business to that highly coveted spot on Amazon. Here are the top 10 reasons to hire an Amazon marketing agency.

Reason #1: An in-house team cannot effectively manage the entire program

You might want to set up an in-house team to manage and market your Amazon FBA store. After all, you managed your brick-and-mortar store with your team, and it's doing well. If these are your thoughts, you might just be spelling doom for your E-commerce store.

Amazon requires tools and skills that are not peculiar to everyone. You will need to make graphic designs, write copies on these designs and manage logistics. All these might sound easy and simple until you do them yourself without getting results. Why not save yourself the misery and partner with an Amazon marketing agency that offers eCommerce done-for-you services. Such companies are equipped to put your business on the Amazon map.

Reason #2: Product listing optimization

Product listing optimization is one of the hardest tasks on Amazon. Here, expertise, research skills, meticulousness and patience come to play. Worse still, you may think you’ve done the perfect optimization for your listing. As the days turn to weeks and months, such “Optimization” might not yield the desired result.

You will agree that Entrepreneurs are time-conscious. Why waste valuable time on an adventure you are unsure of when agencies are willing to save you the burden at a negotiable price? Amazon's done-for-you services offered by Amazon specialists usually include optimization tools you can deploy.

Reason #3: Inventory Management System

When you start gaining traction and having a larger customer base, delivering goods to customers on time can be overwhelming. You might be low on products and waste a lot of time packaging and shipping orders.

Some days, you might not get many orders as anticipated. Still, that is not to say you shouldn't be futuristic. It isn't a bad idea to engage an Amazon marketing agency to help develop automation processes that can help your business cope with a large volume of orders. Ecommerce done-for-you services can also cater to your inventory needs.

Since your inventory management is outsourced to a competent agency, you need not panic about negative reviews from customers. Additionally, you can use the saved time to develop greater product ideas.

Reason #4: Regular Updates On Amazon Policy Changes

Generally, businesses require full-time attention. Most times, you are evaluating your progress and looking for ways to outshine competitors. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't care about your business challenges. Your problems are yours and yours alone. Amazon places a premium on improving customer experience. Therefore, from time to time, policies change on the platform.

Frequent updates on Amazon are challenging to keep up with. You could lose your account because you overlooked some of the new guidelines. Thanks to Amazon marketing agencies, they stay up-to-date with the trends on Amazon.

You don't deserve to get panic attacks that your Amazon account could be suspended. Especially after everything you've done to get your business to where it's at.

Reason #5: Failing Amazon Business

How long have you moved your business to Amazon without impressive results? 2 or 5 months? 1 or 2 years? If you are still struggling on Amazon over a long period, it indicates something is wrong.

Don't try to force things. The Amazon terrain is different. You cannot apply the same strategy as you did on other platforms and expect resounding success. You are new to the terrain, and you should seek help.

Amazon marketing specialists have the technical know-how. They've given a full investment to studying and getting the best out of the Amazon platform.

Reason #6: Over-Reliance On Certain Amazon Tools

It is common to see new and old sellers talk about using tools to maximize Amazon's potential. Quite frankly, some of these tools can be helpful to a certain extent. But they've got limitations. They are developed as one-size-fits-all solutions. Consequently, these tools might not serve the specific function you want them to. Skilled experts are the most reliable for providing Amazon solutions.

Reason #7: Ease Of Migrating From Vendor Central To Seller Central

Unlike vendor central, Amazon seller central account allows you to take control of the entire sales process. You can monitor inventory, control pricing and interact with customers.

You are not alone if you have been trying to switch your account to Seller Central without luck. Many other sellers are facing similar difficulties. The process is complex, especially when you try to handle it yourself. You may need to hire an Amazon marketing agency to help cross these hurdles.

Reason #8: Ascertaining the most profitable Amazon ventures

To many sellers, Amazon looks pretty simple to navigate on the surface. This platform soon turns out to be their greatest nightmare, and they start lamenting. Do you care to know why? It's usually because many sellers lack in-depth knowledge of Amazon.

There’s a need to identify the best-selling products on Amazon and also have a sales strategy to generate more profit. Amazon done for you services provided by marketing agencies can perform this task.

All these problems are avoidable but require in-depth expertise in Amazon marketing. Retime professionals help you to build your Amazon sales strategy and reveal hidden costs in advance.

Reason #9: Digitalization

Digital transformation is crucial to brand growth. While researching, you must have come across several eCommerce platforms giving you reasons why you should give them a chance. None of these platforms boasts a large volume of customers like Amazon. Amazon specialists are your best bet for a smooth transition from a brick-and-mortar store to an online store.

Reason #10: The Amazon Support Team Will Not Always Be Available To Respond To Queries

Being a newbie on Amazon can be exciting at first. It is a great platform, and the support team is excellent. Bear in mind, nevertheless, that Amazon is not obliged to help you for a long time.

An Amazon agency serves as a support system when things are going wrong. Depending on your arrangement with them, you can reach out to them for guidance.


So, there you go. If you are just starting on Amazon, you shouldn't wait till you start experiencing some setbacks before you outsource brand awareness and growth to a reputable Amazon marketing agency. Make your findings about available Amazon done-for-you services and choose the one that fits your needs. And remember to consider pricing too.

Good luck!


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