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Ready to launch your Amazon store without the hassle? 

Book a Strategy Session with us today to take the first step towards turning your dreams into a reality.

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"Our clients are averaging an 18% return on their investment every month.”

IRWIN SOTO  |  Executive Director, EComm Partnerships

How it works

A.K.A. the "secret sauce" behind launching your store



The first step to launching a successful Amazon business is setting up your EIN, seller account, and obtaining a Seller's Permit. We walk you through this phase step-by-step to ensure everything's done accurately.



Our Product Hunting team analyzes recent trends, search volumes, per-unit profitability and long-term potential to identify a viable product (or product line) to build your new eCommerce business around.


And Labeling

Skip the approval process for working with wholesalers and manufacturers to launch your brand and leverage our pre-established relationships with fulfillment centers around the world.


Your First Sale
And Beyond  🚀 

This is where the fun begins! After launch, we begin analyzing the performance of your products, testing price points and optimizing your account for positive feedback & reviews.


"Every time I picked up my phone it was another order, it was incredible.”


Our 100% money back guarantee

At EComm Partnerships, we don't just make promises - we guarantee them. That's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee plus $5,000 if we don't deliver on our promise to double your initial investment in two years or less, ensuring you have peace of mind.

If for any reason we don't double your initial investment in your first twenty four months, we'll refund 100% of your money –– plus $5,000 for wasting your time.

What our clients say

"This idea that I can go for a walk and here comes an email and it's money. I'll just be on my computer playing a game or something, and hear a buzz and it's money. It's a nice feeling you know, make money while you sleep."

Paul Gangarosa

Founder, Gangarosa Store

"I feel very informed with what is going on and what will happen. I love that."

Sam Kibe

Founder, EMK LLC

"I like to pay to play and I don't want to feel like I'm short-changing, because you guys provide such a great, quality service."

Anza Hill

Founder, King Kasen LLC

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